String Quilts

String Quilts - quilting book by Carolyn Forster front Cover

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String Quilts: Sustainable patchwork projects using well loved items and fabric scraps with the design inspiration of Carolyn Forster.

Many quilters are rediscovering a range of traditional patchwork and quilting techniques that, at their heart, are based on recycling and reusing materials. A style of patchwork that is true to this ethos, and which has been around for centuries, is string patchwork with its use of sewn fabric strips. Due to the scrap nature of string quilts, they are good for using a wide range and eclectic mix of fabrics that, otherwise, would have gathered dust in the corner of a room.

Carolyn will show you how to:

Transform old clothes and bedding, off-cuts and once-loved furnishing fabrics into 10 beautiful string patchwork quilts

To easily create your favourite designs with an array of scraps featuring traditional blocks

Ensure nothing goes to waste – included here are 8 little gifts and accessories to make with the leftovers from your quilt-making including a needle case, a quilt-notions pouch, a table runner and duffel bag.

A small section on all the materials and notions to get started, plus an invaluable techniques chapter.

Quilters will have everything they need to create planet-conscious quilts, and in the process celebrate old quilt and patchwork methods from quilters of the past.

Ask at your local patchwork and quilting shop.

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String Quilts - quilting book by Carolyn Forster front Cover

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • History of String Quilts
  • You Will Need
  • Cutting
  • Piecing + Sewing
  • Appliqué
  • Basic String Block Designs
  • Layering + Tacking / Basting
  • Quilting
  • Binding
  • Labelling + Aftercare
  • Quilts – see below
  • Gifts + Accessories
  • Templates

The Quilts

  • Vintage Crumb Log Cabin
  • String Snowball
  • Blue String Stars
  • Basic String Block
  • Half Log Cabin
  • Wonky Squares
  • Stars + Spinder’s’ Webs
  • Tulips + Picket Fences
  • Vintage Embroidered Tablecloths
  • Housetop Sawtooth Star