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Regular slots on internet magazine: www.justhands-on.tv

Above is an introduction to Carolyn’s videos on Justhands-on.tv

You can also see Carolyn’s Just Hands on TV videos on YouTube.

2012, February. Interview on Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski.

2007, May. Invited to Judge at Quilts UK, Malvern.

2006, Designed patterns for fabric line ‘Market Collection’ for Makower

2004, May. Invited to be a judge at Quilts UK, Malvern.

2003, Instigated the fabric collection ‘Scattered Roses’ by Timeless

2002, Pinwheel quilt hung by Timeless Treasures
(Europe) at Stitches. Birmingham, UK.

1996, Invited to exhibit quilt at International
Quilt Market, Portland USA by Fasco/Clothworks. Quilt shown, String Stars.

Complete Listing of Work In Print


Today’s Quilter issue 92 Page 47, Vintage Honeycomb Hexagons.

Today’s Quilter issue 91 Page 60, Darling Dutch, a HST quilt, Page 31, Makers Guide to Quilt as you Go.

Today’s Quilter issue 90 Page 52, Hidden Stars.

Today’s Quilter issue 89 Page 50, Wonky Daisies.

Today’s Quilter issue 87 Page 67, Cariad Mawr, a Welsh Frame Quilt.

Today’s Quilter issue 86 Page 90, Creative Spaces, Carolyn Forster.

Today’s Quilter issue 85 Page 66, Marbled Belle.

Today’s Quilter issue 84 Page 51, Mix and Match String QAYG.

Today’s Quilter issue 83 Page 66, Vintage Diamonds (special edition templates included).

Today’s Quilter issue 82 Page 51, Cross My Heart.

Today’s Quilter issue 81 Page 63, All Squared Up!

Today’s Quilter issue 80 Page 48, Mills and Stars.

Today’s Quilter issue 77 Page 57, Hexagon Daisies.

Today’s Quilter issue 75, Page 22, Web of Stars String Quilt (Cover quilt).


Today’s Quilter issue 71, February, Lover’s Promise Quilt, page 34.


The Quilter Magazine no. 164, Autumn, Crazy Quilting pattern feature, Page 22.

Today’s Quilter issue 64, September, Wishing Star Block, page 13, block inspiration supplement.

Today’s Quilter issue 61, May, Fair and Square Quilt, page 24 and on the cover. 

Today’s Quilter issue 60, April, Paved with Gold Quilt, page 58. 

Today’s Quilter issue 59, March, Blue Belle Quilt, page 22 and on the cover. 

Today’s Quilter issue 57, January, Herringbone Strips Quilt, page 56.


Today’s Quilter issue 56, Christmas, Scrappy Triplet Quilt, page 22 and on the Cover, and Hotchpotch Hexies featured in the Scrapbusters Supplement.

Today’s Quilter issue 55, December, Frosty Morning Quilt, page 22 and on the cover, and Winter Harbour Quilt, page 76.

Today’s Quilter issue 54, November, Block of the Month 13, page 80.

Today’s Quilter issue 53, October, Block of the Month 12, page 87.

The Ultimate Guide to Quilting, Immediate Publishing, August, Soothing Sunflowers, page 45.

Today’s Quilter issue 52, September, Block of the Month 11, page 81, and Hotchpotch Hexies Quilt page 48.

Today’s Quilter issue 51, August, Block of the Month 10, page 79, and Nosegay Quilt page 48.

Today’s Quilter issue 50, July, Block of the Month 9, page 85.

Les Editions de Saxe, Magic Patch issue 138. Promenade au Jardin, page 30, Petites touches de Couleur, page 78.

Today’s Quilter issue 49, June, Block of the Month 8, page 83, and Pincushion Patches Quilt, page 77.

Today’s Quilter issue 48, April, Block of the Month 7, page 83.

Today’s Quilter issue 47, March, Block of the Month 6, page 85, and Floral Flourish Quilt, page 78.

Les Editions de Saxe, Magic Patch issue 137. Endless Chain Quilt, page 56.

Today’s Quilter issue 46, February, Block of the Month 5, page 83.

Today’s Quilter issue 45, January, Block of the Month 4, page 85 and Woven Windmills Quilt page 48.


Today’s Quilter issue 44, December, Block of the Month 3, page 85.

Today’s Quilter issue 43, Christmas, Block of the Month 2, page 83.

Today’s Quilter issue 42, November, Block of the Month 1, page 80.

Irresistible, page 46, Belle Etoile, page 74.

Les Editions de Saxe, Magic Patch issue 136.

Popular Patchwork, May issue. Courthouse Step Quilt and Table Runner p81.

Popular Patchwork, April issue. Window Panes Quilt p31.

Les Editions De Saxe, Quilt Country issue 56, Vintage Sampler Quilt, p32.

Les Editions de Saxe, Magic Patch issue 135. Paniers Garnis Quilt p6, Tin Man Quilt p69.

Les Editions de Saxe, Magic Patch issue 134. Pot Pourri Quilt p22, Blue Flowers Quilt p36.

Les Editions de Saxe, Magic Patch issue 133. Interview p32, Scrap Quilt p36.

Today’s Quilter Issue 39, Caesar’s Crown Quilt.

Today’s Quilter Issue 39 supplement, 36 Block Quilt.

Today’s Quilter Issue 37, Houses Quilt and on the cover.

Today’s Quilter Issue 36, Sunflowers Quilt.

Today’s Quilter Issue 35, Tulip Cheer.

Today’s Quilter Issue 33, Circling Swallows Quilt and on the cover.


Today’s Quilter Issue 31, Scrappy Squares Quilt and on the cover.

Today’s Quilter Issue 30, Turkey Tracks Quilt and on the cover.

Today’s Quilter Issue 27, Compass Quilt.

Today’s Quilter Issue 26, In Full Bloom Quilt, appliqué quilt (pictured on bed).

Today’s Quilter Issue 25, Apple Cores Quilt, page 50.

Today’s Quilter Issue 24, Endless Chain Quilt, page 22 and on the cover.

Today’s Quilter Issue 23, Square to Square Quilt, page 36.

Today’s Quilter Issue 21 , Vintage Floral Garden Quilt, Page 22 and on the cover.

Today’s Quilter Issue 20, Sunshine Star Quilt, Page 68.

Today’s Quilter Issue 19, Chocolate Stars Quilt, Page 52.

Today’s Quilter Issue 18, The Rose Star Quilt, Page 58.

Today’s Quilter Issue 17, Woven Rainbow Quilt, page 36.


October, Today’s Quilter issue 14, Stunning Strings Quilt, page 72.

August, Today’s Quilter issue 12, Tranquil Waves quilt, page 40 Waves Mini quilt, page 48

July, Today’s Quilter issue 11, Cover Quilt, Perfect Pinwheels Perfect Pinwheels quilt, page 22 Light Pinwheels page 28

June, Today’s Quilter issue 10, Framed to Perfection quilt, page 70

May, Today’s Quilter issue 9, Brilliant Birds and Buds quilt, page 64

April, Today’s Quilter issue 8, Sailing into the Blue quilt, cover and page 22

March, Today’s Quilter issue 7 Creative Techniques with English Paper Piecing. How-to and project book

January, Today’s Quilter issue 5 Fabulous Flower Pots quilt, cover and page 20


December, Today’s Quilter issue 4 Tools of the Trade quilt, page 78 Buttoned spools quilt and pincushion, page 84

November, Today’s Quilter issue 3 Little Dogs quilt, page 78 Patchwork Toy Dog, page 83 Playing Dog quilt, page 84

October, Today’s Quilter issue 2 Red Sailboats quilt, page 60

September, Today’s Quilter issue 1 Floral Garden Maze quilt, cover and page 24, Designer profile, page 56 Soothing Sunflower quilt, page 61

September, Popular Patchwork Designer Showcase, Carolyn Forster

September, British Patchwork and Quilting Spools Quilt, page 34

Autumn The Quilter Magazine, article about Carolyn.


July, The Art of Quilting issue 131, article Quilter on the Move.

April, Love Sewing from Practical Publishing. Interview and a project in the supplement.


February/March Fabrications, Quilting for You, issue 82 page 7, Split 9-Patch Barn Raising Quilt.

March Australian Homespun Magazine 14.2, Hanging Diamonds Quilt and interview.

June/July Fabrications, Quilting for You, issue 84 page 31, Big Blooms Applique Quilt.

August Creative Quilting Special Issue, Sunny Days Quilt, from Jelly Roll Quilts and Gifts.


String Stars and Spiders web quilt will be in the Engagement Diary from David and Charles.


June/July Fabrications, Quilting for you, issue 66, Cover and page 39, Split 9-Patch Quilt.

May, Quilt sewn for Makower UK from new collection, ‘Katie Hana’.

April/May Fabrications, Quilting for you, issue 65, Cover and page 39, Ruby McKim Flower Pot Quilt.


Dec, Sew Hip page 80, Stars and Flowers Quilt. 2009 Nov, The Quiltmakers, David and Charles (ISBN:978 0 7153 3173 6), page 32, String Stars and Spiders web quilt.

Nov, Sew Hip page 76, Woven Quilt.

Oct, Sew Hip, page 12, Patience Corner Quilt; Pg 40, Carolyn’s Creative Space; page 86 How to Patchwork Part 2.

Summer, Sew Hip, How to Patchwork Part 1.

Aug Fabrications, Quilting for you, issue 61, page 61, Antique Hourglass Quilt.


Oct, Fabrications, Quilting for you, issue 56 page 48, Christmas Wreaths and Placemats.


Popular Patchwork, Sept. Barbara Fritchie Star, page 8.

Fabrications, Issue 48 June/July. Book Review page 76.

Popular Patchwork, June, Book review.

Patchwork and Quilting, June. Book review page 73

Fabrications, Issue 46, Feb/March. Published by Grosvenor. Improved Nine-patch, page 11


Fabrications, Issue 45 Dec/Jan 2007. Published by Grosvenor. Wagga Wagga, the Australian Bush Quilt, page 40 and cover.

Popular Patchwork, Summer, Published by Highbury Liesure. Picnic Party, page 38.


Learn to Quilt by Sharon Chambers. Published by New Holland. Economy 16-patch, page 48. Hidden Stars (not ohio star), page 74.

Popular Patchwork, May. Published by Highbury Liesure. Bed of Roses, page 8 and cover.


Fabrications, April/May. Published by Grosvenor. Classic Cot Quilt, page 23.

Fabrications, Feb/March. Published by Grosvenor. Garden Star and Lattice, page 9.


Fabrications, Aug/September. Published by Grosvenor. Flower Appliquilt, page 44.


Patchwork and Quilting, April. Published by Traplet. Hidden Stars, page 32.

2000, Fabrications, Aug/September. Published by Grosvenor. Painted Star, page 44.


Patchwork and Quilting, November. Published by Traplet. Patience Corner Quilts, page 42 and cover.


Quick Quilts by Annette Claxton. Published by Bramley Books. Star Quilt, page 26.


The Quilt Room by Pam Lintott and Rosemary Miller. Published by That Patchwork Place. Victorian Memories, page 38 and cover.