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Y- seams

Friday, September 24th, 2010

I have been reading a lot about Y-seams lately and mainly how folks don't like sewing them!

I am not proud and I am happy to admit that they don't bother me.

I am happy to sew them and happy with my results. Not always perfect, but they turn the corner and the star usually looks like a star! But I did buy a book that promised you need never have to sew them again, in the name of research, because isn't that why we buy every quilt book/

Anyway the book is Stars by Magic by Nancy Johnson- Srebro, and in it you don't even have to cut diamonds, let alone set in seams.

I have had the book a while, and I have had this quilt for nearly as long, as I stitched it using Nancy's methods almost as soon as I had the book. I was addicted. I love it! I still am not bothered by set in seams, but for those of you who are, this is a great book, give it a go!

Some of the 6" stars:

Full quilt top, 18" star in the middle srrounded by 6" stars.

Just to let you know!

Monday, September 20th, 2010

My Take and Teach at Quilt Market in Houston this year is based on my new Kaliedoscope Hexagon pattern. But don't worry we are not sewing the whole quilt, just having a taster with a pincushion!

So if you are over there register and come along! It is on Monday 1st November, class 501.

And for those of you, closer to home I am starting a regular class ain Bells Yew Green, Tunbridge Wells in January 2011.

Email me for details! It's a Monday morning, 9-15am to 12-15pm

Hever Castle Show

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Well, better late than never! It was over a week ago now, but I thought I would share a couple of pictures that made the show a real treat for me!

As well as all of the great quilts hung, there were two small exhibitions from Pat Salt and Dinah Travis. These two incredibly talented ladies taught fro many years in Kent, and I loved their work.

This is by Pat Salt:

and a close up:

This is by Dinah Travis:

And a close up:


I so admire the way that they use stitchery in their work!

My new pattern was shown at the show, and was a great success!

It comes with acrylic templates for rotary cutting and marking for hand piecers, so pleases everyone.

It is £10-95 and I have them or order it from The Quilt Room.