Quilt Festival Classes

November 18th, 2014


Well, before this post never happens, here are some shots of some great quilts being created in the Jelly Roll Star class in Houston at Quilt Festival. It was so great to meet old friends from classes last year and meet so many new ones this year too!

I had a great time, exhausting but so much fun!

This was my classroom set up:

Houston Stars1401



Although we could use design walls, sometimes the floor was easier:

Houston Stars1402


Houston Stars1403


Houston Stars1404



Houston Stars1406


A top to go home for quilting!

Houston Stars1407


Houston Stars1408

Houston Stars1409

Houston Stars1410

Houston Stars1411

Houston Stars1412

Houston Stars1413


The class is based on a quilt from my book  ‘Jelly Quilts and Gifts’ from Search Press.


Will try to put up more posts from Market and Festival before it’s too late!

Quilt Market and Festival Prep, and a New Book!

October 14th, 2014

As you can see from the title there are a few things going on here.

It is a busy time with teaching my usual classes and getting organised for Houston, the trade show and the classes I will be teaching at Festival. I have a week of full classes there so am looking forward to meeting some new friends!

All my classes are full at Festival, but if you are at Market come and see me on the Landauer booth for my book signing at 12noon on the Sunday. Also see me at Take and Teach on Saturday morning at 8am before Market opens. Don’t forget to register for that. I will also be doing a School House on the Friday, so come and say HI!

In the meantime dotted around the room I have this quilt with the edge triangles all cut out ready to complete it, perhaps in November now, we will see how time goes!

blog carolyn forster



Samples for my Quilting-on-the-Go demo at Festival:

blog catch up2


A signed off pile of proofs for my new book coming out in November! Yeah this is so exciting for me!

Better remember to tell you it is entitled “Hexagon Happenings”, so easy to know what this is about!

blog catch up3



More prep for a class at Festival. This is for the Tumbling Stars class from the Hexagon Happenings book:

blog catch up4



A pincushion in the making, just need the stuffing! and I want to make lanyard for my name badge, so have things ready to sew:

blog catch up5



And amongst it all one of my cases slowly but surely getting more full!

blog catch up6



Looking forward to meeting you all in Houston!


Quilting-on-the-Go, Lewes

September 22nd, 2014

I was in Lewes at the weekend and could not resist a visit to my favourite shop, Patchwork Dog and Basket.


Needless to say they had a lovely selection of fabrics, some of which came home with me:

qotg lewes1


We will be having some classes down there this autumn and by popular demand it is the Quilting-on-the-Go.

If you want to learn to make quilts that are portable to quilt and manageable to baste together in small sections, this is the class for you. I always find new ideas for the quilts and the block below is my current portable project to quilt. There will be lots of quilts to see to inspire you, to sew the quilt you want. The stars in the block here will have more stars appearing when the blocks go together:

qotg lewes2


You can see how I am getting on with it if you come to the class!!!

There was also this fun version of my Doggy Quilt on  display in the shop:

qotg lewes 11


I think Jill made this one. I made mine having been inspired by the stuffed dogs she has in the shop that you can buy kits for. The quilt pattern is available there too.

Where will you be taking your quilting?

Dashwood Studios: Fly Away Collection

September 16th, 2014

I was lucky enough to have some samples of the lovely ‘Fly Away’ collection from Dashwood Studios arrive last week. Just in time to make some little quilts to be photographed for a book that will coming out next spring, I think.

Such nice fabrics, ask for them in your local quilt shops. I am sure you will want to stitch some little quilts too, or even something a lot bigger!

dashwood liitle quilts2


dashwood liitle quilts3


dashwood liitle quilts4


dashwood liitle quilts5


dashwood liitle quilts6


dashwood liitle quilts7


They arrived along with some of the voile fabric that I ordered, more on that next time!

How did I sew without one?

September 12th, 2014


I have seen these finger pincushions for an age now. And I thought, that looks useful, I wonder if it really is? But not buying one and for some reason thinking that the 15min it would take to stitch one was not 15minutes that I had, I never got round to it.


But I kept thinking about them, so the other day I bit the bullet and got down to it.


And REALLY, why have I not made one before?

It was so quick, and it is now soooo useful, I thought I would share with any of you who have never seen one, let alone made one, how to stitch one.


Take a 4 1/2in square of fabric:

finger pincushion02



Fold in half diagonally RS together. Stitch along the aligned raw edges using 1/4in seam allowance. (Sorry I forgot to use a contrasting thread for photography purposes!) On the second side leave a gap in the middle of about 1in:

finger pincushion03


finger pincushion04


Snip the excess fabric from the corners :

finger pincushion05


Turn RS out and poke out the corners:

finger pincushion06



Stuff with polyester toy stuffing or similar:

finger pincushion07


Stitch closed:

finger pincushion08


Pull the two corners on the long side of the triangle around to meet, and holding them securely, over lap and stitch together:

finger pincushion09



And that is it, all finished:

finger pincushion10


I use it on my left hand index finger, as I am right handed, but really you just pop it on whichever finger you feel comfortable with:

finger pincushion12


finger pincushion13


finger pincushion14


So if you have few minutes to spare today, you can make one of these and then transform your stitching life!

Happy stitching!

Start with Stars

September 3rd, 2014


Today my son went back to school as a Sixth Former, so it must mean that my teaching for the autumn must be starting off too!


To give you a taste, and to show you some quilts from one of my favourite classes, here are some lovely quilts all made from my Beginners Class at The Quilt Room in Dorking.

start with stars xx1




I love how they all look so different.

start with stars xx2



It is great hearing why people choose their colours and fabrics.

start with stars xx3



And lovely to here who or where the quilt is now destined for.

start with stars xx5


start with stars xxx1




This last one is mine. I think each time I teach this class I am tempted to sew yet another version for myself !

start with stars xxxx1


So if you feel inspired to stitch a quilt this autumn, go and look at the list of great classes on the website for The Quilt Room, and who knows I might be meeting you in the near future!

Work in Progress

August 31st, 2014

I have been working on a few projects all at the same time, but don’t we all?

I started on these Crosses Blocks, and quickly made 16 .

carolynforster latest1

I laid them out, and have stitched them together in rows, and then a top, but have come unstuck as to a border or not, so we are letting that one mature! Obviously design ideas are helped when there is a dog sprawled over the quilt:

carolynforster latest2



The next one is a current addiction, as I love sewing these Woven Blocks from my jelly roll scraps:


carolynforster latest6


Here is a trial layout when I had a few more stitched. There are a lot more now, so I am hoping for a large quilt from these.

carolynforster latest3

This next one some of you will recognise from the Comfortable with Curves class. (Those of you signed up for this in Houston may get a further peek then depending on its state by then).

This one is all hand pieced as it is basically so much easier to sew this particular design that way. This was a trial layout to see if I wanted the squares in there or just stick with the curves. I went with the squares, but I think there may be another in the pipeline with only curves!

carolynforster latest4

And finally my block for August Classic Meets Modern Quilt Along. Just made that in time, but I know I am still one down:

carolynforster latest5


Hope your WIP went well over the Summer?



Teaching Schedule Update

August 13th, 2014


Hexagon Happening Carolyn Forster





Hi! I hope you are having great Summer?


I have updated the class list for the rest of the year, so if you take a look you will see there are lots of good things happening. Lots of lovely shops to visit when I will be teaching, and some old friends to catch up with in groups that I teach at. And lots of new friends to meet in the new places I shall be visiting!


Check out the Quilt Festival Programme in Houston, Texas, as I am teaching there this Fall, and there are some great new classes going on, as well as an old favourite!


By the end of 2014 there will be a couple of new books to look out for and perhaps add to your Christmas lists, and some lovely new classes for 2015.


In the meantime, enjoy the summer.


July 14th, 2014


Summer is moving on and deadlines for work are too.

Over the summer we have adventures planned DownUnder, so the blog will be on vacation for the next month or so.

When I come back I can’t wait get stuck into this pile of scraps that has grown over the last few weeks. Such exciting possibilities from all the bits left over!




My more immediate pile of concern is my stitching whilst away. Instead of the pressure of starting something new, I went with projects that have been on hold, if not forgotten for a while now. Nothing mind blowing, just good solid hand piecing to while away moments.



And now just to select a patchwork book to browse while away!




Have great summer, wherever you will be stitching!

What’s Inspiring me:

June 26th, 2014




There has been a lot of stitching and writing going on around here lately. And frustratingly (for you and me), none of it should be on the blog. Just to say there will be a couple of new books out in the Autumn!

Something to look out for and add to your Christmas wish list, but sadly nothing for me to be showing you right now.


carolyn forster ttt1



But between all the stitching I should be doing, I have managed to sneak in some odd bits and pieces. This is my most recent block for the Classic Meets Modern Quilt Along. I am now officially one month behind. This is my Dresden Plate :


carolyn forster ttt2


And this block I stitched using some of the wonderful range from Melanie Testa. The range is called Meadowlark, and contains some of my favourite prints from Market this Spring. There are some in here I think I need bolts of! But really the whole range is so inspiring.


carolyn forster ttt3


The block itself was inspired by a quilt top that I recently acquired:


carolyn forster ttt4


My block is quite restrained, but I hope to make more in the near future that have more fabrics in like those in the original top.

What’s inspiring you at the moment?